Lisa Papenbrock, D.C.


I’m Lisa, welcome to my page. Here’s a bit about me.

Professionally, I am a chiropractor who specializes in a very specific form of trigger point therapy and myofascial work. I have been practicing trigger point therapy and chiropractic for over ten years, and I’m passionate about my technique because it makes sense, it is precise, it is thorough, and it works.

When it comes to you as my patient, I genuinely care about you. I am invested in your journey, whether that is short term for an acute injury, seasonal while you are training for a specific event, or long term to maintain your level of fitness and health. I am here for anything that your body may encounter while traveling along this road we call life. I believe a person needs physiological, neurological, mental, emotional, and creative balance to improve. This belief is at the core of everything I do.

Personally, I am a “do-er of all the things.” I live for new experiences. I hike, I travel, I ski, I rock-climb, I’m learning aerial arts, I run obstacle course races, I practice yoga, I plant flowers, I grow little baby succulents, I create pottery, I take pictures, I design, I draw, I teach, I read, I cook, I eat all the foods, I adopt animals, I’ve even skydived…. and sometimes I am still and take it all in. A person’s brain, body, and soul want variety and creativity, and this is how I keep myself happy, inspired, and balanced. I try to bring this philosophy and enthusiasm to you as my patient.

I understand this is a bit unconventional for a chiropractor, but just know I’m an empathetic human who loves her profession, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to help you as I have helped many others.


Lisa Papenbrock, D.C.

P.S. If you are interested in specifics about my education and experiential background, check out my CV here.