Do All the Things with Dr. Lisa

I’ve always wanted to create a community, and I feel like I finally have the opportunity to accomplish this with my own practice. Over the past decade I have built relationships with so many knowledgeable and passionate professionals in the Pittsburgh area and I want to make these people accessible to you. This group comprises not only of movement and physical body specialists, but also those who are have focused their professions on more emotional, artistic, and creative endeavors.

Haven’t we all read or seen something and wanted to try it but didn’t have time to plan it or maybe didn’t want to try it alone? I want to give you the chance to try something new. No memberships, no figuring out the specifics, just an opportunity to “dip your toe in the water” and try something different. If you aren’t interested, just skip that one and wait for the next event.

Come. Learn something, challenge yourself, meet great people, and have fun.

As humans we were not meant to just work and survive. Join me!

PS. Knowing me, at least one of these events may require a waiver ☺

Upcoming Events