I store all of my stress in my upper back and neck. For the past three years I’ve been struggling with very painful knots (near my shoulder blades). All kinds of pain: aching, burning, stabbing… on the worst days my arms go numb. I’ve tried EVERYTHING for relief. I’ve gotten countless deep tissue massages, rubbed up against wall corners, laid on lacrosse balls, used a pressure point hook, heating pads, ice packs, and have even had my husband put all of his weight on to his elbow pushing into my back while lying facedown on the floor (which isn’t safe either). So many tears and frustration finding ZERO relief.

Then, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Lisa P. After one trigger point treatment, I IMMEDIATELY felt a significant decrease in my pain and started to feel relief in areas in my back and shoulders that I don’t even REALIZE that I was storing tension! I literally just had my second treatment (from the comfort of my own home… YES, she travels!) and I already feel so hopeful for the next. She is literally shrinking the knots (and pain) week by week! If you have this kind of pain at all, you HAVE to at least have a consultation with Dr. Lisa. You do NOT have to be in pain. This is a game changer and a God send!

—Linzy M.