Pricing & Payment

Release and Restore Wellness Center is a direct pay chiropractic practice. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with deductibles, co-pays, treatment limitations, and reimbursement issues. By not accepting insurance, the time we save is spent on you as our patient and allows us to provide longer and more comprehensive individual care.
Dr. Lisa:
Single Appointment: $78
Double Appointment: $150
New Patient (single): $108
New Patient (double): $180
Dr. Danielle:
Single Appointment $60
Double Appointment $120
New Patient (single): $80
New Patient (double): $140
New Patient Appointments (40 minutes):
This appointment includes an initial intake of your past and present medical history, a chiropractic exam and evaluation, and thorough treatment.
Established Patient Appointments (20-25 minutes):
Each appointment includes thorough soft tissue/trigger point therapy, and may include chiropractic manipulation/therapy
Double Appointments (45-50 minutes):
Through extensive continuing education Dr. Lisa recognizes that these additional techniques will further assist in settling the body into a state of deep rest allowing for a release of accumulated stress and chronic tension and support you in feeling your best.
This appointment will include soft tissue/trigger point therapy and may include the following based on your needs/history:
  • Chiropractic manipulation/therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Rockblades)
  • Therapeutic Taping
  • Provider assisted stretching
  • Corrective/Postural Exercises and Education
  • Therapies will be added as Dr. Lisa is consistently exploring and becoming certified in new techniques
Single therapeutic taping: $10